Plymaster supplies a huge range of products including plywood, MDF, veneers, laminated panels and signboards. For all your plywood needs and a free quote on any product, be sure to give the friendly staff at Plymaster a call. MDF cut to size In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. Go to B&Q or look on their site and plan out how you want a board cut. If you have it planned so that they have the minimum number of adjustments to make on their saw, then they won't charge you for the cuts.

Pink grip is a versatile adhesive mainly used for wood or plastic, it can stick to pretty much anything and is great both indoors and outdoors. The MDF I've got is 18mm. I managed to have a look at a couple of panels which are like the ones in the link and would say that the board that has been used was 9mm so maybe I could have got thinner sheets. And yes the corners are radiused, couldn't see any sign of sealer on the cut surfaces though.