I've written some VBA script to load a webpage then copy the entire html contents into a string, then select specific data from that string. In essence I search for a rail timetable, then copy out details for 5 journeys (departure time, interchanges, journey time & cost) Jul 02, 2014 · Navigate your IBM i using a web browser I am sure most of us are familiar with the Windows based Operation Navigator tool, and have found that there are certain tasks that are either easier to perform using it or there are tasks within it that there is no "green screen" equivalent.

Jun 15, 2011 · Create a button, and in the on click event create the code: WebBrowser1.Navigate('c:\webdemo\demo1.html'); Now create this demo1.html with something like: hi Just to show it supports more than plain text, create a page demo2 like: hi Underlinedbolditalic This is truly MS internet explorer. So you can not just load a page from your hard disk ... Download Html Source From The Web Jun 19, 2008. I need to do seems quite simple, I want to grab the source of a webpage into a string (where I'll then to some fiddling about with it to strip it down to the information which I need).