As a National Guard or Reserve member, you receive dental care through one of two programs, depending on whether or not you’re on active duty. How it works: When not activated. When not on active duty, reserve component members and their families are eligible for the Tricare Dental Program, which requires payment of monthly premiums. DoDD 1200.17, “Managing the Reserve Components as an Operational Force,” October 29, 2008 Establishes the overarching set of principles and policies to promote and support the management of the Reserve Components as an operational forces. DoDD 1235.10, “Activation, Mobilization, and Demobilization of the Ready Reserve,” November 26, 2008

(Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Naval Reserve; Air National Guard; or Army National Guard) who served at least one enlistment or, in the case of an officer, the period of initial obligation, or were discharged for disability incurred or aggravated in line of duty, or died while a member of the Selected Reserve. Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) ... Additionally, if you are in the National Guard some states offer substantial benefits such as free tuition to state colleges or universities.