Number of labels per A4 sheet: 77 pcs. Printing technology: Inkjet, Laser, Toner printing ... Citizen CL-S621 (10) Citizen CL-S631 (10) ColorFusion 1 (12) Epson ... Printed labels come out, but are not of good quality. Adjust the print darkness . Ensure your print head is clean with a non-abrasive wipe and alcohol or print-head cleaner. Printed labels come out, but are not aligned correctly on the label. Ensure you have a proper calibration .

Following printers added to Citizen distribution: CL-S700R, CL-S700RZ, CL-S703, CL-S703Z, CL-S703R and CL-S703RZ. Ver.: 4.5.14 User can use RTC offset from labeling software but the driver will send just offset in minutes for TIME format and days offset for DATE format. Citizen CL-S700R-CL-S703R Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal, 203 or 300 dpi, 4" print width, 8" roll diameter, 4MB Flash and 16MB RAM, 7" - 8" - 10" per second print speed Learn More