For insight on how policies are developed at Bergen Community College, please visit the Policy Advisory Council page. Performance is assessed every trimester. Trimester grades are based on the following factors: feedback from the mentor, consultation with the student, completion of learning logs, and attendance. The final grade, in addition, includes evaluation of the Reflection Paper and Academic Paper, as well as performance at the Senior Exhibition. Time Sheet:

The Bergen County Technical Schools District was founded in 1951 to oversee the County's growing need for vocational education. The following year, Bergen County Vocational-Technical High School, the first full-time facility of its kind in the state, opened at 200 Hackensack Avenue. The Bergen County Academies is one of the best high schools in the world, and every resident of Bergen County has a chance of becoming a BCA student. I wrote this book to help you do just that. The Get Ready Guide contains 12 chapters that cover all the math and essay topics and tricks you will need to know for the test.