EATON's Bussmann Series FRN-R80 FUSETRON Industrial Fuse for 250VAC systems are slow blow and provide protection against overload. Order today! Separate overload and short - circuit elements provide time delay for 125% of motor FLA sizing, linked with RK5 current limitation. 2:1 Selective coordination amp ratio prevents overcurrent events from opening upstream Fusetron fuses. For power panelboards, motor control centers, combination...TPS2592Ax 12-V eFuse with Over Voltage Protection and Blocking FET Control datasheet (Rev.

Cooper Bussman# FRN-R-20. 20 Amp 250V. Class RK5. Dual-element, Time-delay fuse. Current limiting. 0.57" diameter x 1.98" long. cULus. 40 amps. 250 volts. Fusetron dual-element, time-delay - 8 seconds (minimum) at 500% rated current. Current limiting class RK5 fuse. Label darkens if fuse has opened.