Under Construction . In the list of 100 Scientists who shaped the world at adherents.com religious beliefs broke down as follows: 29 Christian 19 Jewish 3 Other 11 Atheists 49 Not specified So, scientists of faith outnumber athiests by over 4 to 1. Definition of Athanasian wench in the Idioms Dictionary. Athanasian wench phrase. What does Athanasian wench expression mean? ... Athanasianism; Athanasios ... Athanasian definition is - of or relating to Athanasius or his advocacy of the homoousian doctrine against Arianism.

Since the [First] Vatican Council there is no longer place for the term ‘Ultramontanism’; because that doctrine of the Papacy has, for all in communion with the Holy See, been stamped as Catholicism, much as at Nicea what had been ‘Athanasianism’ was stamped as Catholicism.