Used Machinery Inventory Always buying sheet metal equipment from one machine to entire shops. ACME - 15-KVA Fully Refurbished with Warranty Spotwelder, $2800, ID#AC15KVA

Applications Areas used in Metal Sheet Working Machinery TRUMPF sheet metal working /press brake from the TruBend Series 3000. In addition to the single purpose sheet metal equipment like a guillotine (plate) shears, used to cut sheet metal, there are also universally applicable machine tools like presses. During the Coining process the material is put under enough pressure that the punch tip penetrates the material at the bottom of the bend and it begins to flow into the die. Because the sheet metal flows during the process of Coining the bend radius formed by Coining is always equal to that of the punch tip. The term “coining” comes from the coining of money, in which every coin is made the same as the one before it, because coining sheet metal is known for producing consistently accurate bends. While precise, easily repeatable, and simple to execute without complicated machinery, coining requires large tonnage compared to other bending techniques.