John B 28-Oct-2017 15:34: Mark, I have observed fireflies in the Big Cypress preserve while driving along I-75 at night. I don't have any proof, but I suspect the decline in firefly populations in more urbanized areas is likely due to pesticide use at night intended for mosquito control. How biologists are working to keep the Great Sand Dunes Tiger Beetle off the endangered species list Aggressive habitat protection may keep the tiny, carnivorous beetle from joining 84 bugs on the ... Mar 04, 2018 · The Tiger Beetle Pseudotetracha whelani on Lake Gairdner, South Australia. Driving along a remote outback road with dust bellowing up into the clear night sky, the rocky hills are lit with the faint blue light of the moon which slowly wanders across the sky.

The northeastern beach tiger beetle is one of four subspecies of beach tiger beetles (Cicindela dorsalis) inhabiting the coastal beaches of the Eastern U.S. and Gulf Coasts. Except for being slightly smaller and darker in color, Cicindela dorsalis media (no common name), a closely related subspecies, is very similar in appearance. Natural Predators For Japanese Beetles We are plagued with Japanese Beetles every year and they take over our Rose of Sharon bushes hardly allowing them to bloom since they eat the buds. One year I picked them off and put them in water and felt so bad about it.