As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance our Partner services, we have retired the legacy support websites. In its place we are thrilled to introduce NWEA Connection – a new online partner community! Oct 12, 2016 · For example, it is possible (though unlikely) that two students in two different grades - or the same student tested in two different years - have the same score and the same percentile, especially if you calculate percentiles for an individual school or district (instead of using the NWEA norm percentiles).

Normative or Norm-Referenced • NWEA “norm data” includes samples from over 10 million students across the country • Scores are ranked from low to high performance, forming a normal distribution reflected below A student at grade level (a typical score) falls at the 50% percentile of the normative data group. MAP Growth assessments for math provide teachers with valuable data on student growth in specific math courses, whether aligned to NWEA standards or Common Core State Standards (CCSS). View PDF State Solutions Early Learning Fact Sheet